You Can’t Blame Me for This One

Generally I take responsibility for writing something poorly. Generally. I mean that when I look around my writing space, there’s pretty much me and that’s pretty much it.

However, a complete stranger, one Michelle Russell has motivated me to try and write “The Most Horrible Blog Ever.

While having been a professional writer since the early ’80s (1980s), and having the ability to jump on an assignment like a kangaroo on steroids, I constantly amaze myself by drawing a blank when it comes to giving myself an assignment.

I tend to not take my assignments as seriously as those handed to me by an editor, account manager, or project manager.

I think, perhaps, that even when I am not serving my Corporate Overlords, I’m still in  deadline mode. The first draft has to come quickly enough.

Allowing myself to actually ponder and stare at a blank screen/page is something I’ve become quite uncomfortable with.

Thus, the thanks to, and appreciation of Ms. Russell’s reminder to me that the definition of a writer is this: A writer writes. That’s it. That’s all.

I thank Ms. Russell for providing one more useful way of circumventing the demons that plague me to get something written daily.

However, Ms. Russell, I’d better be seeing some improvement at some point, otherwise after several years of this, I may grow discouraged.

Thanks for the inspiration. Keep fighting the good fight.


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